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When you've got an optometric veteran venturing into the smartphone app world, you know you've got something good on your hands—well, at your fingertips, actually.

Dr. Iravani, an eyecare industry guru based in Silicon Valley, CA took it upon herself to invent an eyecare app with some serious cred. After forging an endless stream of questions like, "Hey, you're an optometrist. Do you think I need an eye exam?" or even, "Can you refer me to a good optometrist close to me?" Dr. Iravani put her skill as "a walking yellow pages" (as she calls herself!) to work, and now we have the next generation of EyeXam available to us for free in the iTunes store.

We spent some time getting to know (and love!) this free app, and we wanted to highlight some of its best features for you.

Vision Tests

This app offers super quick and easy tests, some of which include:
  • visual acuity,
  • color vision, and
  • macular degeneration.

These tests are great, but EyeXam knows its limits. In fact, after every test, the app reminds you to see your eye doctor if you think you have a vision problem. (We knew we loved this app for a reason!)

That Personal Touch

Not only does this app have tons of useful resources, but it's also personal. You can set up your own profile, create a favorites folder, save results from the macula test (so you can show your eye doctor at your next appointment), and manage your eye appointments. The app's still growing, so keep an eye out for future improvements that will make this app even more customizable.

Eye Doctor Lifeline

In case easy vision tests and a personal profile weren't enough, the doctor finder tool on this app totally won us over. You can search for eye doctors near your current location or by zip code, and a map pops up with pins to show all the listed eye doctors in the area.

This app has plenty more to offer, but instead of listing off the rest of the goodies, try it for yourself! Just remember: this app might be awesome, but it is only a quick vision screening and an easy tool to help you find and connect with qualified eyecare providers. It doesn't take the place of an in-person eye exam with your VSP doctor!

The content of this article is for general informational awareness purposes only. Please consult your eyecare doctor or physician for actual advice.
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