The latest spring styles for men and women

Spring is the season of new beginnings—what better time to reinvent your look?
With the sun shining longer these days, it’s time to revamp your eyewear—and wardrobe—to shine right back. We’ve paired some of the freshest eyewear trends with fashion tips from the runway to keep you up-to-date and looking your best.





Charcoal Dust


Shades and Shapes

When it comes to colors, grays and neutral tones are in first place this season. With shades like oatmeal, tobacco, almond, concrete, charcoal dust, and dove gracing the runways, neutral basics can act as the foundation of almost anyone’s wardrobe.

If you want to dress up these earthy hues, this season’s accent colors are just the thing for you. Rumor has it that bright, primary colors are back in style, so look for frames with vivid yellow, red, blue, or green accents, or go all out and grab some bold, single-color frames.

Light pinks and purples provide a great middle ground in this season’s wide color spectrum. When paired with grays and beiges, these colors really pop. Keep these hues in your back pocket for a day when you want a delicate but fashionable look.

With this palette to guide you, your next step is to choose some stylish frames. Thick frames and exaggerated shapes are the way to go this season—lots of plastic and angles. Forge into the frontier of fashion with some two-tone, translucent, tortoiseshell, or semi-rimless frames. With all these options, you’ve got plenty of room to find glasses that complement your facial structure and fit your personality. For extra guidance, check out some of our pointers for matching frames to faces.

Runway flair meets everyday wear

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to create a fashion ensemble to complement your frames. Let these style tips inspire your unique look!


Visit your VSP doctor and find yourself some two-tone frames with edgy angles—the bolder, the better. Dress your face in confidence and fun with bright red or blue frames. For an alternate look, don some translucent, metallic, or two-toned specs.

Complement your frames with a necklace made of chunky beads or pendants in shades like light pink, sand, or dusty coffee bean. For a more streamlined look, drape a long, metallic chain around your neck and string a clock pendant onto it. Next to a bronze-colored jacket, this necklace will be sure to add some extra shine to your outfit.

Pull on a pair of faded, light-blue jeans and wrap a slim, milk-chocolate-colored belt around your waist to keep your look classic. Slip your feet into dove gray or charcoal-colored shoes, grab an envelope-style clutch, and hit the town with all your fashion flair!


Design your outfit around angular, tortoiseshell, or semi-rimless frames to bring extra definition to your facial features. For a modern look, sport a simple white tee and stash your e-reader, smart phone, or tablet in a leather bag with defined edges, multiple buckles, and a long strap.

On cool evenings, drape a blazer in oatmeal, concrete, or charcoal dust tones over your shoulders and wrap a long, lightweight scarf around your neck. Leave your plain pocket square behind for a day and dress up in an artsy one with colors like lilac purple, sunset yellow, or Amazon green.

For a refined touch, go with a metallic pocket chain, and complete your ensemble with a solid, dark, leather belt, faded blue jeans, and a pair of sand-colored deck shoes.

Keep these runway highlights in mind during your next shopping spree, and you’ll be stylin’ this spring!

The content of this article is for general informational awareness purposes only. Please consult your eyecare doctor or physician for actual advice.

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